Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage
This is the oldest type of therapeutic massage, and it involves massaging the body in a sequence of varying movements in order to promote deep relaxation. The techniques we employ include knuckling, ringing and kneading the skin in order to manipulate the muscles and deep-tissue using warm almond oil. We recommend this treatment for people who have a lot of tension and stress, or who have had previous sport injuries.  

Thai Massage
This involves stretching the body and applying pressure to the muscles using hands, forearms and elbows. We usually do not use any oils or powders during Thai Massage sessions. This treatment works best for people who are flexible, as you may be required to stretch into various yoga positions in order to receive the greatest benefit. We recommend this treatment for active people who want to increase their flexibility and health, as well as to relax.

Aromatherapy Massage
This treatment involves using various aromatic oils that have a strong scent in order to increase relaxation and create an almost hypnotic sensation. The aromatherapy we use is created from a blend of different floral and herbal essential oils that have been specially selected to stimulate the senses and ease muscle tension. This is a superficial massage and the technique we employ is to use the palms to rhythmically rub your body to create warmth and loosen tension.  We recommend this massage for people who want a relaxing treatment after a hard day’s work.

Soft Powder Experience
For this massage we sprinkle talcum powder over the body. The massage is made using only fingers to produce a light and ticklish sensation to increase your sensitivity. This type of treatment is only for the purposes of relaxation, and is not recommend for anyone suffering from sports injuries or back pain. People of all ages generally enjoy this massage, and the highly tactile element creates a feeling of well-being and ease.

Tailor-Made Treatments
Our well-trained masseuses can create a tailored treatment specifically for you, using all of the above elements. When you book a session, please tell our staff about your lifestyle, whether you are experiencing any aches or pains, and what you hope to achieve by the end of the treatment. We can tailor treatments to target deep-tissue and muscles, whilst also adding more relaxing elements to enhance your ability to sleep or combat depression.

* Please note: All massage treatments and sessions are subject to the availability of staff and availability of rooms.  During busy periods, we are unable to offer customers extended massage sessions. We advise phoning in advance for people requiring specific treatments or for further information.
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